Icar - the free Sci Fi tabletop rpg

Icar is a free science fiction tabletop RPG where you zip between the stars, battle killer Droids and subvert a benevolent Imperium


Core rules - all you need to play

Core Rules

Everything you need to play; rules, background and setting. 96 pages.

Equipment Index - player handouts representing weapons, vehicles, spacecraft etc

Player Handouts

Weapons, vehicles, spacecraft. All ready to print, fold and hand out.

Fleet Setting - a dropship delivers troopers to the middle of a battle

Fleet Setting

A military sourcebook, battle robots in bionics and powered armour.

The core rules are high resolution PDFs filled with pictures. Click here to find out for yourself!

What is Icar?

Icar is a free tabletop roleplaying game, the kind you place with pencils, paper, dice and a bunch of friends. You can download the PDF for free and either print it or play from a laptop or iPad.

Icar is a space opera, more light hearted than hard science fiction. It is set in a distant future where a benevolent Imperium protect the human race, which is battling race of killer robots it created!

Up to date news can be found on the blog, questions, feedback and chat can be found on the forum.