Web page history

The core of Icar is the web page. Without it, games would not be arranged, feedback given or the game downloaded by thousands. Since 1996, there have been lots of different versions of it. As soon as the designer gets bored, he updates it. The latest incarnation (that you're looking at) is the result of a deep desire to make the game as accessible as possible. The current design revolves around getting to the game as quickly as possible with obvious download links on the home page. No fussing about with news, just simple links. As you look down through the images of the old web designs, you'll note that it wasn't always this way.

The incept dates are given at the approximate start of the design. They continue until the next version. For those budding web designers out there, you must keep improving and exploring. Only by continual redesign will you arrive at something satisfactory.





2000 - May

2000 - September

2001 - March