Icar news archive 2002 - 2007

This is the Icar news archive between 2002 and 2007. All the links have been removed because most of them are dead now.

Review Page now online and Works in Progress

Thanks to Golgotha, I have put up a Review page, with just the one review at the moment. It's a little long in the tooth, being of Version 3.4 but it's quite nice to see that I've sorted out some of the pRob Langlems he outlined. Now onto Society. If you have a comment or a full blown review and you would recommend Icar enough to have it listed here, please do Contact me and I'll add your review.

Society Alpha Next...

The Society document increases in size by the week. Fortunately, I have lots of 3D models I made for the Elements that do show and describe things in the Society (background) document. I can render and reuse all these objects to better describe things in Icar. Recently, The Wicked Flea got in touch and noted that there isn't much on The Akarakians in the current book, this is certainly not the case in Soceity 2! Also, I will be adding to the number of settings in the near future. Society 2 really does need to be first.


A big well done to Andrew (Byrnie) O'Byrne for his latest Burntek weapon, the Vendetta. It's a monster! Icar of old used to have loads of multi-weapons and now it has only a few. If you can find, afford and carry one, you'll find it an excellent addition to your armoury.


The Icartoon (gettit?) is still being updated and after a brief hiatus, it is back. I'm throwing them out about once a week at the moment. Normally midweek. The situations you see in cartoon might be familiar to some!

Other site updates

I've updated the links sections and will be changing the links on the front page shortly to better reflect sites that I am interested in at the moment!

Icar is out there in the net

Any game designer will tell you that getting their game noticed is really difficult. There are some wonderful games out there that are given little truck. So, it's nice to get some recognition.

RPG Blog, a very popular bog has featured Icar and there are some very pleasant comments on there too. RPG Blog has a universal appeal because it does not lean towards any particular area of gaming. One to check.

Dominus Nox on The RPG Site has plugged the cartoon, which is rather nice of him (or her). Now that the Elements 3.5 is up on the site in its graphically finished state, I can return to the story and follow the lives of Reg, Bakarak, Eric and Bob in the Scavenger setting.

A review page? I have contacted Golgotha, writer of the Midian RPG, thanking him for his review of the 3.4 version of the Elements and let him know that I fixed the things he thought needed fixing with the rules. I'm going to be creating a page of reviews, hopefully garnering some new reviews for version 3.5 (so I can fix any more issues and upload 3.6). Thanks to Golgotha for letting me add his review onto there.

Elements 3.55 Released

Finally some big news here. The Elements (core rules) version 3.55 is now complete with all of its images. No longer in 'Alpha', it's complete. I have replaced the old rulebook with the new one. It's now complete and ready to use. It's a bit achievement and I'm rather proud of it.

For those that have been following development closely, you'll notice that the rule regarding ticking a Close Combat Fighting skill when used has gone in.

As nothing stays still for long, the next book to undergo a big change is the Society Book. I've already repaginated what's there and added a load from the Wiki. The first revision (Society 2.0 Alpha) should be out around Christmas.

Elements 3.54 Alpha Updated!

My recent spurt of graphical output has stemmed from a holiday that didn't quite happen. Got loads of graphics done for the Elements, though. So that's good. At this rate, I'll pRob Langably finish it before I'm dead. So, the Elements 3.5 Alpha has been updated with some graphics and a couple of typos.

If you've already printed it recently, don't worry about printing it again, there is not much new in there. I have uploaded the better images into the Images gallery.

Equipment Index in a Single Zip

Download all Equipment Index

You don't have me to thank for this. You have Dwain, Byrn, Fish, Pete and all the other Icar players for nagging me for the past few years to create a single zip file of all the weapon items in one place. It's about time I did it. Perhaps next there will be a single zip with everything in it. That might get onto Torrent sites for you to download with ease. Legal too. The zip is on each of the Equipment Pages on the right hand side (see left). I've not versioned it, if you think it's needed, let me know.

Google Group

I've been looking at solutions to the pRob Langlem of the forum. I have created an Icar RPG Google Group that you may all post to with your thoughts, ideas and questions! Please feel free to join up and leave your comments. As a taster, I have posted up a thread about what I'm working on at the moment. Yuo can email the group direct: icarrpg@googlegroups.com.

Thanks to those who offered sub-hosting on their forum systems. If the Google system proves unsuitable then I'll be in touch.

Forum and Wiki Hacked!

Unfortunately, those hacking people got into the wiki and forum and hacked it, deleting all the tables. How? I don't know. PRob Langably due to some poor coding or incorrectly setup administration. I am not, as you might understand, particularly happy about this. Thank god the tables for Chom Isis 3 are left.

I am very busy at the moment and will get round to making a new forum but unfortunately, all previous content is lost. I raises the question whether to have a forum at all - especially a free one.

In the meantime, please email me at the email adddress on the contact page.

Lots of little updates

A batch of updates for the New Year. All of them little, so if you're using the old versions of things don't worry too much about downloading the new versions, the changes are quite minor. If you're good with a crayon, you can always scribble on the sheet's you've printed. If you're worried about that not being 'Icar' enough, then don't worry! My players often have to put up with having a 'blank' weapon sheet with the stats of various weapons scrawled on them because I've forgotten to print out replacement sheets!!! Now all the updates really warrant a new version number and so cannot be found in the 'new files list'. The Nelson has been redesigned. If you want to see the steps I took, have a look on this post on the forums.

So, here are the updates (as requested on The Forums):
  • Papex now costs 450 000
  • Korg 5 encumberance now 6
  • Astraripper 5b Grenade Launcher R/T now 2
  • New image for Nelson H1
  • Space Craft
  • Gaterunner pulse lasers now have a R/T of 50, their Damage 10K
  • Cyclone price now 4 million
  • Kuriaken HP fixed, Right side is now 10K

Icar Toons

Just a quick news item to say that there is a new Cartoon section (under Misc in the menu) with my stick cartoons. There are only four at the moment but I do intend to keep rolling them out. For those that have not been watching, they are a tribute to Richard Burlew's wonderful Order of the Stick toons that I have grown to love. Enjoy!

New Elements Alpha: 3

A Starfield I made myself in Photoshop Having added a lot of graphics to the Alpha, I thought it was time to update the one on the website. As you can see, I'm trying to keep the quality of the graphics to a high standard. If there are any of the images that you think lower the tone of the overall document, then please let me know on the forums. As there hasn't been an update since May, I thought it best to show that I am working on it still and there is progress, albeit in my spare time and slow! Much of the new artwork (see bottom of left hand bar) and equipment (that pops up in the new files box on the right) was created such that I could have new graphics for the rules so if you see new pictures popping up, then they're pRob Langably for the ruleset.

You might also have noticed the new Star Maps for the four Sectors. Four? Four! Yes, four. The three human occupied space sectors and Typhon, which is a Droid held sector. The campaign I am running at the moment is based there, so I thought I'd upload it too. The other maps are currently included in the Society book but the maps are black-based and so are difficult to print and annotate with your own cluster names. These (hopefully) are easier to use, although I might make them a little lighter for those printing onto a laser printer.

I am debating (with myself, out loud, on the train to work) whether or not to release another setting. I have 3 half finished settings: Star Fleet Special Forces, Star Enforcer and Benedict Corporation (working title). The one nearest completion is the Star Fleet Setting. If you think this is a good thing and I should just push the damn setting out ASAP, then let me know on the forums.

Also worth mentioning is the new Society book. This background document is very short and is in need of updating. I have been modifying it and adding text (particularly about corporations and the Akarak Nation). Would you all like to see an Alpha of that or are you happy for me to just throw out a new version when it's done. As it has very few rules in it (a bit about space travel speeds and star maps), it does not really need to be playtested.

That's all from me at the moment. Over the Christmas period, you can expect some more updates as I have quite a bit of holiday on the way.

Toon, Download and Spilling Brains

Some little updates have been happening recently. You'll have noticed that the Download section has now been split into different sections. The page before was getting a little large and so difficult to load. It needs a bit more tuning but should work for now. I know it takes a little browsing to get through all the technology but I do think that this is the best answer for the moment.

I've create a little cartoon in homage to the brilliant Order of the Stick cartoon by Richard Burlew. I fancied trying my hand at some Icar sit com. When there are a few more strips, I will pRob Langably give them their own page. Watch the forums for quick updates!

You'll notice that a few items have been added to the Equipment Index. Byrnie has done a wonderful job on the Brainspiller 7 and 7E, even creating his own Icar company (Burntek) to manufacture them. Well done to him!

Wiki Online and Growing

There's a bit of break happening with the rules at the moment due to some other commitments I've got. However, I managed to quickly set up a Wiki to keep hold of the quickly growing wealth of information. The reason the Wiki is good is that it is easy to update. If am stuck for something to do one lunchtime, I can go and pen a bit more about Icar without having to repaginate any PDFs or the like.

Another added benefit is that some of the more regular players can also add to the Wiki, making it a central source of information. Of course, this will mean that information might need to be updated in two places (both book and wiki) but I think that the use of each will be quite different. The Society book is very much an overview of everything that the GM and player needs to play within the Icar universe. The wiki has more in-depth information, right down to the very people in the Universe. I think this might be invaluable for GM and player research in the future. I have already started by adding some additional Akarak detail into the Wiki for my current campaign.

Please leave questions and comments about the wiki in the Forums. I'd really like to hear what you think!

Space Craft Updates

I have finally got around to updating the information on the space craft. Before, it was difficult to get a sense of scale of the craft. Now each space craft has the following two items:
  • Cargo: Is the number of 10m x 10m x 10m space crates that will fit into the cargo area.
  • Dimensions: In metres, the length, width and height of the craft.
I know there will be a desire to put more and more on these sheet but instead I will pRob Langably make some sort of master information sheet that will include loads of ridiculous technical data for those who care. For most people, what's on there now is fine.

Forum PRob Langlem

Some of you might be having pRob Langlems accessing the forums. This pRob Langlem should not persist for long, so please keep checking back.

The Technical Reason Why
As Byrn suggested, the domain name chomisis.net ran out this August and although I paid for the webspace, I did not pay for the domain name again. The reason for this is that the domain name was registered to another email (my old Rob Lang@icar one) and so I recieved no notification. Some of the DNS servers have updated quickly with the lapse in domain name, others are more slow. So, if you had pRob Langlems accessing the site, well done! You're on a quickly-updating DNS. I've now paid for another 2 years and so it should be back online with everyone soon.

Work restarted

My Uncle's website is mostly complete and new memory arrived for the laptop just before last week (when I was on holiday) so I have now restarted work on the Element's graphics. I am currently doing a number of really useful objects such as Mex Lifts, Grav Pads and a few technical diagrams (for grav engines etc). These will be definitely worth doing for the technical index but are pre-empted in the Elements. I am also bringing together a load of resources into the next Society book, which has its text but is in need of updating.

My campaign group are still hacking their way through every situation they come to - currently hacking apart my expeditionary setting with gay abandon.

Have you ever tried to run Icar but not managed to get it going? Have you played it a bit but run out of steam? Did your players 'pooh pooh' the idea of running it? What stopped you? Can I help? Please let me know what held you back (or what is holding you back) and I'll try to solve it!

The Month of Upload

June has definitely been the month of uploading things to the site. You'll have noticed brand new equipments items going into the downloads section every couple of days. While this has been going on, work on the Elements has come to a halt. The main reason for this is that I do most of the Icar stuff on a laptop which only has 256MB of ram in it. To run the new versions of my DTP software, I need 500MB. It's only 60 quid to upgrade it up I really don't have the money at the moment - real life things need paying for. I am still rendering images for it and creating scenes, I just do not have a new document to show for it.

Today, I have started work on a series of renders that show the relative sizes of various bits of kit. Started with the 2.2 projectile round of ammo and working up to the Crowthorne, hopefully, peopl can get a sense of the massive scale of things - particularly when it comes to the space craft. I am also working on a city render involving space craft docked. The number of models in the scene has grown so much that it looks like I need to use my desktop to finish it.
[Mini Update] I have finished it, it's called the Scale Browser and you can check it is on its own page under 'World'.

I've been recently inspired by Richard Burlew's Order of the Stick strip cartoon. I was reminded of the fun it was to make Mr Newell, Guide to Light and Heavy Firing and Stick Pirate and I am considering doing a few Icar-based strips of my own. Very simple stick figures pRob Langably using Inkscape. I am not sure where I might base the cartoon, so I would be glad to have your opinion!

Finally, thanks to Rob Lang Barrows (of Entalis fame) for his 3D model submissions. I shall be importing them and rendering them soon!

A Plethora

"Yes, El Guapo. You have a plethora." - The Three Amigos

Version 3.5 is eating away my life. But in a good way. As I have been rendering new images, I realised that I did not have models for various, quite important things. Also, various players (lead by Dwain) have been nagging me for years to do some more space craft. So, I married this two things together. I wanted to create a new image of a space craft docked onto a Mex Building, using the new new Mex building models and the new Cyclone (the old Cyclone is featured in the current image). However, the new Cyclone is very large and it was difficult to create a scene with just one or two Mex buildings and the ship. Therefore, I started creating the Gaterunner but got a bit lost halfway through the model and did the Blackwater instead. Both are quite small so I should be able to construct the scene.

This sudden flurry of ships has spurred me on to do 3D models of the Crowthorne and the Bailey. I am trying new modelling techniques for both of these so they might be a while. After that, I will go back and do some more images for the next Elements Alpha (try and get it half filled) before uploading it. There will be a few little rule changes, as being discussed on the Forums.

Over on the Italian site, Paulo is putting together the new site version. I created all this in XML with XSL Transforms, so creating a new site should be simply a matter of changing some XML. Once this is done, we should be able to share news stories across the websites. Don't believe me? Do a view souce on this page and note the lack of HTML. See? Told you so! Paulo has also set up an Italian Language Forum, of which I understand nothing but it's cool to see him starting up a community.

I want to take this chance to congratulate Byrn and Dwain on the Astraripper 5, it's great to see some old ideas come to life in modern models. Nice one! They're a good team and I hope to see some more from that stable.

Finally, once the Elements 3.5 is complete, I am planning on creating One Big File. This will be a zip file that will have everything in it. All the rules PDFs, all the equipment JPGs. Everything. Although this file is likely to be very big, I think enough people have broadband to make use of it. I will see how many different mirrors I can get to host it, initially, it will be held over on the Maison de Stuff. Of course, this will all be transparent to the downloader but I want to spread out the bandwidth used by Icar.

Elements Alpha 2

For those who like to read and read and read, the next version of the Alpha is now out. I think the only thing that it is really missing is the graphics now and that's going to take a while. If you're really interested in playing 3.5, then this book should do you. Please have a good read through and see if there is anything big that's missing. There will always be small changes but it's the big omissions I want to get in before I start typesetting with the graphics.

Having recently discovered some great features in the DTP package I use, I have managed to make a rather cool index in the back, which should make finding rules all the easier. Now comes the long slog of doing images and renders for the new rules. You might have noticed the new Anchorage (replacement model from one I lost), you can expect a load more renders popping up in the near future now this version of the Alpha has finished.

Hot on the coat tails of the Elements alpha will be version 2 of Society. If any book really needs an overhaul, it's this one. Expect to see some threads in the forum about what is or is not missing in it. I will also be adding to the Equipment Index but it is likely to be kept in the old style - at least for now. There's lots missing from it - automatons and Gaia entities to name but a few.

Something else worth mentioning is that I have updated the links section too. If you'd like a link to your website, then please contact me. I can't guarantee that I'll add your site but I certainly will give it a good looking over!

Finally, I am going to be giving Paulo some help over on the Italian Website to bring its style into line with this one. Seeing as it's all XML, it should be easy for him to edit in the future!

Icar in Italian

No-one would have ever predicted that Icar would be translated into Italian. But it has. Paulo Longoni has spent an incredible amount of time translating Icar into Italian!
The rule version is 3.4 (Italian 1.1) and it is available in PDF format from the website. Even though I do not read Italian, the quality of the typesetting and the fact that he's managed to get all the graphics together is staggering. I don't know of any Free RPGs that have been translated into another language, so I am thrilled to bits!

Even if you don't speak Italian, pop over to his site to check it out. It's simple wonderful and I am sitting here shaking with joy that someone would put the effort in to do this. I hope he can get some players together to play it!! :) Alternatively, stop by the Forums and congratulate him on a job well done. The amount of work is considerable and I think we should all applaud this wonderful effort.

(No doubt he'll add the 3.5 rules when they go through into the Beta stage - not worth it at the moment)

Elements 3.5 Alpha Released

After much brain melting, the alpha version of the Elements is ready for your perusal. The Alpha does not have many pictures and is typeset in quite a rough manner. However, it does have all of the text of the ruleset and will allow those who like to proof read and playtest early to have a go. Already there are a few things I want to add and change, so expect the version number in the file list to slowly increment! Other resources (such as a the space combat sheets) will be uploaded in the near future.

It's laid out in the new Icar style, so will look a bit different to all the other books for the moment. The others will follow suit in the near future. If you have any comments or critiques (or have found errors), the please let me know on the Forums.

Icar PBP to begin over in Salroth

Completely out of the blue, Kitkatman from Salroth: The Chronicles, emailled me to ask if he can run Icar over on the Salroth forums. I was flattered (and surprised). He's now in the process of uploading the whole equipment index to their Gallery (good luck to him!). He's being very careful to credit the design back to the site, which fills me with a lot of confidence. The quality of the other games going on at Salroth is high but centre less on the long prose of the Desert Realm. In general, Salroth is well worth a look, so pop on over for a nose around.

Of course, if you fancy playing the PBP version of Icar, just wait a few days for Kitkatman to get his house in order and I am sure you'll be allowed to join in. Many thanks to him for taking an interest and good luck with the game!

Work In Progress

Now the new website is done, all the other things that have been put on hold can now begin in earnest. The big things coming up are:
Elements 3.5. This is new version of the ruleset. Everything will be compatible with it but the look and feel will have changed, along with some new innovations to the rules.
Building Plans. The style of the building plans have gone through many updated over the years and I am currently working on the new styles.
New renders. While at a recent game convention, I drew up some more Mex building levels, which will allow me to do some more renders.

So, enough to keep me going, I'm sure you'll agree! If you'd like to have some input into the rules, then please let me know on the forums.

New Icar Website

I've pulled out the stops on this new website, it's about as high tech as I can make it. It's Firefox compliant, if you're using IE, then there are going to be a few issues.

Scavenger Setting V1.0

The new Icar PDF version of the Scavenger Setting is a massive improvement on the previous HTML document. Now includes much more player information, the Botchery Clipper vehicle sheet, cluster diagrams and a massive GM section with lots of secret information. This setting should make Icar a lot easier to play for new GMs and anyone who has found the Society Section not detaied enough to run a campaign. At a whopping 46 pages, this new version has been quite a long time coming!

Equipment Index V5.1

A new version of the Equipment Index has been released. This update includes the Black Market rules (how to find it on a system) as well as revised prices and some new ammunition types. Also now includes the equipment sheets (Shakespear and Loki).

Into the New Year!

Happy new year, everyone! There are lots of bits and pieces on the near horizon. Firstly, the Scav Setting PDF is currently with the proof-readers (James 'Baron' Neesom and Travis 'T-Boy' Rodgers) and I should be getting back a massive list of errors in early January. Once these are corrected, I shall be uploading it! Another development will be Elements (the core rules) version 3.5. Some small additions to the skills and some of the graphics will be changing. Little tweaks, but nothing to write home about. I hope you all had a fabulous New Year and I look forward to seeing some of you on the forums!.

Icar Forum

Like many other sites that offer a free service, we are open to automated spam programs. As we are all sick and tired of seeing adverts for unsavoury sites amongst our roleplaying posts I have set up a new Icar forum, all swish and fancy. You can find a link to it on the menu bar.

Pages added to the Timeline

Two new pages have been added to the Timeline, the Age of Enlightenment and the Genus Plague sections have been added. I will keeping adding more to this timeline as each page is not difficult to do (until I get to the Aran War, that is) and it's a nice sanity break. I am still plodding on with the Scavenger Setting, I would like to give a date for Alpha proof reading, but I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. After the Scavenger Setting, I'll pRob Langably do the Technology explanations, which needs updating from the rather old-fashioned HTML.

No updates, I hear you say?

A few people have emailled me recently, wondering why nothing has been added to the site for some time. There are three distinct reasons for this. Firstly, I have finished my PhD thesis and handed it in. Secondly, I now have a girlfriend. Lastly, I have been writing the Scav Setting, which has slipped somewhat but should be available for proof reading very soon. As for 'no updates', do not forget to check out the Revisions page, where you will see some additions to the equipment index. Little updates, I add there, leaving this main page for this big stuff. So, next time you're wondering why nothing has been done, check out the Revisions page!

Virtual Game Session

On the 8th April 2000, Byrnie brought his digital camera to the game session and made a photographic record of what went on. I've finally got round to making a page out of them. It's listed in the Players Section under Virtual Game Session. The only thing I need is a description of me from one of the players that were there.

Equipment Index Version 5

The monolithic Equipment Index is now finished. Only 26 pages, but it serves a great index of the equipment sheets. Of course, there will be endless updates now, but that is only to be expected! Next thing to do is the Special Forces setting. It never ends...

Equipment Index Face Lift In Motion

It was always going to be a big job, the Equipment Index is a large tome as it is. It's well under way now. Many of the index sheets have been updates (not yet uploaded) and the new Equipment Index pdf is nearly finished. Compiling the data was a large job and it would have taken many hours if it wasn't for the steadfast help of Dwain, so a big thanks to him! You can expect the new version of the Equipment Index at some point this week. After that, I'll finish the Star Fleet Special Forces setting, which has been sitting near-finished for ages now!

Equipment Index Face Lift Begun

I have started work on the face lift for the equipment index. As you'll notice, the superfluous white pages are gone, replaced with all the weapons on the main web page. The information in the old index will become a PDF Equipment Book, which will also detail all the information on the sheets for those people that don't want to download all the weapon sheets! This is a first small step, but it is a neccesary one. It might also spur me to lightwave those hand drawn items that look a little worse for wear. One can only hope.

Updates asunder

Many bits and pieces have been done recently. For the sharp eyed among you, you'll have noticed the steady updates to the equipment index but now there are a wealth of little updates all over the ruleset. Society has been given a minor face lift (especially in a couple of later sections) and the Elements have had a few tidbits added (thanks Dave) but nothing really worth a reprint. Bionics, on the other hand, has had a lot of little updates and is worth a look. The general cogniscente believe that a setting in PDF format is the next thing to do, so that is what I'll do and the winner is: Special Forces.

Society and Bionics

I've been busying away on these two books in parallel for some time now and they're ready for download! Society is the updated version 1.0 of the background book (was version 0.9) and Bionics is the new book of human alteration, including explanations of technology and the systems themselves. As ever, there is always more to do and the Technology section is looming on the horizon!

All Quiet on the Icar Front

Some people have noted that there hasn't been any news recently. I have been putting some effort into the weekly game I run and thus have not been able to do any major updates. A few graphics here and there. Coming soon will be the PDF version of Society. It's written, just awaiting graphics to go with it! Do check out the Revisions page because all the small updates get put in there. I hope to get Society finished by the end of April, which will be a welcome landmark.

Strings Version 1.1 is Released

Now proceeding with ever increasing speed, Icar's next step to conversion to PDF has hit with the Strings, Icar's Gamesmaster manual. Now with some extra sections on the Icarian model and a fully featured contents, this is the second section to be completed. Society is next...

Version 3.4 is Released

After many hours sweating in front of a computer, Version 3.4 has finally been finished! The new version includes some updates to the rules (new Stun, damage rules and psychotheatrics) as well as a proper book format. Unfortunately, it's now 8MB in size (rather than just shy of 2MB), but the pdf format will allow more people to print and access it with less hassle. Work now begins on all the other sections that need converting! The work never ends...

PDF Countdown and PHP::

The stage is set, the pdf features are being configured, the words are being proofread. More resources are being added. Yes, it's 3.4. It's the new rules set. Yes, it's easy to print, yes it is over 90 pages. Yes it is better. On another aside, it seems that the quite wonderful Bullet Systems has installed PHP and MySQL onto the server. This means (to my Joy) that I can start writing in PHP. It's likely that you will be seeing some alterations to the Icar website over the next few weeks, including a new Forum and more! Well done Bullet!

Game Page

Little update. Purely for fun, I have uploaded a new Game Page which lists all the Max Death sessions since December 2002. I'll add to it as and when we run some more! You can find it in the Player's Menu.

Keep Your Eyed Peeled

Some visitors have noted to me that not much has changed on the site recently. Well, this is a little bit of a misnoma as they have obviously just been reading this first new page. Don't forget that only large items or massive re-revisions go into the start page, smaller changes happen all over the site. The most updated page is the Revisions Page which holds every alteration and entry into the system. The PDF conversion is moving along, I have only done a few pages but the arduous task of page setting and making templates has finished. All things being well, I should have a PDF Elements set by Christmas.

Explanation Page

It was mentioned on many an occasion from people all over the place that there should be a 'quick and dirty' explanation page regarding what Icar is all about. So now I have done one

Deep Space Scavenger Setting Added

The first of the three settings, the Deep Space Scavenger setting has finally rolled of the production line and is ready for download on the Society page. The setting includes all the character information required to play the game. The GM setting will follow shortly, as most of the information needs to be kept away from the players that are playing the game at the moment. The last place on the Scav team has been taken by Tim Pulham, welcome aboard! If you're desperate to play, we might be able to squeeze one more in.

Botchery Clipper Group Added

The new team is now underway and I have updated the players pages to cover them. Check out the Players Page and the Player List. There is still one free place, if you fancy joining in, then it's not too late. If you fancy it, email me!.


For some totally unknown reason, the entire contents of my lightwave objects and scenes files have disappeared from my hard-disc during the last install. I don't doubt that it was a case of 'muppet-itus'. So I am going to have to create everything (nearly, I have back up of some of it) from scratch. I have started on the Mex buildings and will work my way through. In a way, I think it's good as some of my objects were a bit ropey.

Elements V3.3 Online

If you're going to do a reprint, now is the time. Version 3.3 with L-R justified text is now ready for Download. It includes the new damage system (to be known as "Half and Tenths"), some new examples, new psychotheatrics and many tweaks. The next Icar session will be using 3.3.

Timeline Sheets Relinked

Disappearing somewhere into the mire of site updates, the timeline sheets are back up once again in the Strings section. PRob Langably only Dwain will download them to add to his collection, but they are meant for GMs!

Society Background in Swing

I have begun sorting out the Society once more, finishing off the planetary stuff and now getting on with the Orbital information. Now at 30 pages, the whole section is still going strong.

New Full Page Image (Again)

Another quick render for your viewing pleasure. This time, it is a Circ Orbital, as used for mining operations. Pick it up from the Full Page Images page.

New Full Page Image

After hours of fiddling, rendering, fiddling some more, more rendering (etc etc) I have finished the bar full page image. Now I can get on with doing some others! You can download it from the Full Page Images page.

Interface Tweaks

The sharp eyed among you will have noticed a few minor tweaks. Most things I've been thinking about doing for ages.

The Fear Ends

It is with a tear in my eye that I report that the long running team, the Fear has ended. A group that has run for nearly three years, from very humble beginnings to greatness and then a great fall when an SEC was murdered during an operation. To pay homage to this group, I have set up a web page which I hope the players add their points of view to in the near future.

Interactive Fiction

Taking some time out from the Thesis (the damned thing), I have decided to start some interactive fiction on Icar. The concept is to have stories which have branches at various stages, allowing the reader to choose direction. After a while, the size of the stories increase to the point where there are many different routes to take. I've started with a little story which is only linear at the moment and only I can post to the story, however we'll alter this to change in a while. It in the World menu under Interactive Stories. Enjoy!

Icar Spy

As a step in the right direction, I have converted the Chom Isis Two Stat system into the new Icar spy. I can't remember why I didn't convert it when I did the page anew. PRob Langably Chom's fault. You can now see how many people have visited the site and so on. Very nice. it's located in the Tools section under Icar Spy.

Droid Information

At last, the first step into making a completely playable game is done. The Droid Section is provided with the Strings and should only really be seen by the GMs (otherwise it will spoil the surprise). Now all that is needed is the SFSF pages and the Max Death game is ready!

Icar Timeline 1945

The first page in the detailed timeline is now up for your perusal.